To Whom It May Concern

from by tha craziac

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Track 9 off Tha Demo Vol. 3
Conspiracy theory


Illuminati, The Illuminatis or Illuminated. Bearers of the torch. Yes, the very same ones you have hated. And you're not sure why. Hatred based off of a lie. Stupid documentaries saying "They'll never take us alive!" Ha. We don't want your life. We don't need your soul. We already paid the price to take control. We gave you toys and happiness and you gave us power. We allow you to obtain possessions, but it's all ours. See, we own the land. You pay us taxes. The problem is that humanity's been moving backwards. And that's a factor. The reason for our choices. The truth is we're running low on all of our resources. See, we're killing the earth. And humans are just a virus. We know you can't help it. It's just something that's inside of us. And you messed it up so bad that you don't know what to do. But luckily we're here to protect you from you. Sing it Curtis! Aw this rap stuff is so easy. I know you guys love it. Mhmm. I could do this all day.

Now there's been a lot of talk of us trying to kill you off. But how can that be true? Who gave you the medicine to heal your cough? Who instituted universal healthcare? Who tried their hardest to fix the problems that are still here like overpoplulation, violence in every land. Who had you feeling proud to be born an American with poverty, homelessness, middle class that can't get a job? Surprising rising numbers of you stupid people. You dirty slobs. Disgusting. It's the filth of you lower people that's so disturbing. You're nothing. To be something you'll only be good at serving. What i mean to say is, we still have a place for you. And we'll keep you safe but mostly we'll be safe from you. What I'd hate to do is waste my breath if you won't listen. See, usually we speak to you through other musicians. But tonight, ah tonight, for one night only, the one, the only; the real Big Homie. You know me! Come on. Put your hands up for me! Oh man, I just, I don't know. I love this stuff.

Hey, what can i say? I pursue these dreams so easily. Watch. Parents, could you please get your teens to think? What? Nothing? Aw, crickets. Well change the channel and find a tramp who's bootylicious cause I'm in your face, but you can't see me. A lot of imitators but you'll ne- What happened to the beat? It was just going and now it's all- You gotta be kidding me. Oh my- I hate this. I've already heard it. I don't wanna hear it now. Turn that off and, and- Why are my vocals going down and I can't hear myself?

-It's like a jungle sometimes. It makes me wonder how i keep from going under. Boom boom boom. Pow. Pow.

This is ridiculous! Nobody wants to hear that. Turn my vocals back on and turn that s*** off! This is freaking ridiculous! I don't wanna hear that! I wanna hear myself! All I wanna hear is myself!

Illuminati, illuminatis or illuminated. Yeah, the very same fairy tales we have waited all our life for. Thanks for leaving the life boat, life jacket, life savers, light sabers. Life? Sold! Now they're in the palm of your hand, always indebted. Right before we can understand, you say "Forget it. Got a way out. Stay out if you want to. Whatever, it's fine. All you gotta do is just sign on the dotted line." Bottom line, it's Sodom and Gomorrah time. You say it's fine like some kind of phenomenon in overdrive. American Union annihilates the Constitution. This very exclusion of using it without excuses is proof of you abusing your powers, confusing what's ours. Can you hear it? That's the cavalry. We're coming for you cowards.

Yes yes y'all and we don't stop! To the beat y'all! Click click. Pop! Pop!

But you don't hear me though. Get back! Get back! Sit back and relax. Check it. We're a threat. That's the facts and we're kicking ass, butt naked. Yeah. Ignorant upbringing is a signal why thugs are being glorified with a .45. What are we thinking? Got the convicts as heroes. Regular Robert Deniros. Only way is up if you starting from zero. Offer money and fame. the power to make a change in the lives of yours and the ones that you love, your family and friends. But here we are again drowning in sin and then they're clowning the innocent. And the town that we represent is more important than foreign relations. Dividing parties amongst themselves, brother against brother is bad for our mother's health. No more agenda setting, injustice like Sacco and Venzetti. i am the voice of a generation. Ain't going nowhere, come get me!


from Tha Demo Vol. 3, released January 12, 2014
Beats: Louis Fader; Maybach Music Group Type Instrumental/SykoBeats; Illuminati Rap/Hip-Hop Rock Song Instrumental
Recorded at Blue Smoke Studios



all rights reserved


tha craziac Arlington, Texas

tha craziac is an artist stemming from Dallas/Ft. Worth. As a musician, he's influenced by various genres and incorporates different styles in his own. Sometimes funny, sometimes dead serious, he's always using his words to channel thought-provocation from the audience. From the everyday struggles of city life to conspiracy government corruption, ¢ addresses it and aw crap i'm running out of space ... more

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